We are passionate, Driven, excited, team first mentality, we are comprised of boarded veterinarians, veterinary technicians, seasoned GLP experts, and Jamie thing. Our passion “Mission statement”, riff off of last sentance….. IBEX Preclinical Research provides preclinical testing for medical device and pharmaceutical companies across the globe. From small start-ups to worldwide corporations, our team is helping to bring life-saving products to market, all to help us achieve our mission “to bless the lives of people through preclinical research.” By focusing on our partnerships with our clients we believe in creating an environment of healthy collaboration in order to promote good science and provide valuable insights and results.

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Our Accreditations, affiliations, registrations

    • AAALAC, International
    • USDA Registered
    • Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW) Assurance

Our Team

We have licensed veterinarians on staff as well as a team of advanced technicians, pre & post op care services, and animal care. We are able to offer a personalized experience to help you design the most translatable study to meet your needs.

We love Animals and People We are passionate

Kelvin is a board certified Lab animal vet


We are fast and nimble

    • IBEX can schedule, execute, and conduct studies faster than almost any CRO in the industry.
    • 2–3-week lead time is a realistic expectation from initial contact to study start.
    • We operate using multiple surgeons and surgical tables per study, which means we can operate 1.5-2x faster to complete surgical portions of studies compared to competitors.

Personal Connection

    • We are able to give each of our clients an individual experience.

Model Systems

    • We are able to do a wide range of Model systems. Ranging from large: Porcine, Ovine, Goat, or Canine to small: Rat, Rabbit

Community involvement

    • Dr. Packer is actively involved with the local learning institutions to offer guidance to students exploring this field.  He currently is serving on the board for a local advisory committee for the Animal Sciences program.


GLP Studies

To bless the lives of people through preclinical research

Our Vision

To be the premier resource for preclinical research, supporting organizations in the advancement of medical technology for the common good.

Our Values

Team Welfare

We create a healthy culture of support, growth, and guidance for our team.

Animal Welfare

We protect the dignity of animals by providing an enriching and healthy environment. 


We take pride in the work we do and are humble enough to take ownership of all the ups and downs.


We engage in the active effort to raise everyone up to an equal level of success and growth.

Get to know our Technical Team

Dr Joshua Packer, DVM

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Dr Kelvin Buchanan, Lt Col

  • We take pride in the work we do and are humble enough to take ownership of all the ups and downs.