Who We Are

We are passionate, driven, and industrious. We have a team first mentality. Our team is comprised of boarded veterinarians, veterinary technicians, seasoned GLP experts, and organizational experts. Our passion is “to bless the lives of people through preclinical research.” We know that as we focus on our partnerships, we can create an environment of healthy collaboration.

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Our Accreditations, affiliations, registrations


  • We can take the time to make personal connections and provide individual experiences. Giving you direct contact to our management and technical team.
  • We find it important to give back to the community. Dr. Packer is actively involved with the local learning institutions to offer guidance to students exploring this field. He is also serving on the board for a local advisory committee for the Animal Sciences program.
  • Partnerships with Utah State University-Office of Veterinary Research and Bridgerland Technical College
  • Partnership and membership with BIO Utah

Our Mission

To bless the lives of people through preclinical research

Our Vision

To be the premier resource for preclinical research, supporting organizations in the advancement of medical technology for the common good.

Our Values

Team Welfare

We create a healthy culture of support, growth, and guidance for our team.

Animal Welfare

We protect the dignity of animals by providing an enriching and healthy environment. 


We seek feedback to inform future individual and team development.

Honest Communication

We pursue frequent, transparent discussions that promote team unity.

Dedication to Quality

Successful results are born of intentional, consistent efforts. “Quality is not an act; it is a habit” – Aristotle


We take pride in the work we do and are humble enough to take ownership of all the ups and downs.


We engage in the active effort to raise everyone up to an equal level of success and growth.

Get to know our Technical Team

Dr. Joshua Packer, DVM

“The work we do in preclinical research directly helps create, refine, and discover new therapies and technologies to save people’s lives.”

Dr. Packer has a decade plus experience in the preclinical industry includes work in GLP, medical device, experimental surgery, model development, and contract research arenas. He has extensive experience in interventional radiology, cardiothoracic and neurosurgery (invasive and non-invasive). Dr. Packer’s ten plus year biomedical research career highlights include:

  • Research Technician, IBEX Preclinical Research, Logan UT
  • Washington State University DVM, 2017
  • #1 Preclinical Surgeon, Medtronic Physiological Research Laboratories (PRL), Minneapolis, MN.
  • Founder JP Lawrence Biomedical


  • CATHETER FOR ULTRASOUND-GUIDED DELIVERY Application Number: 16/916,752


  • 2020 Medtronic Science and Technology Conference:
    • Live Surgical Broadcast (hosted and managed)
      • TMVR valve implant
    • Novel ICD Lead use in the Left Bundle Branch Position
      M. Marshall, et al
    • Safety and effectiveness of a Novel Cardiac Cryoablation Balloon Catheter
      N. Coulombe, et al
    • Cryoballoon Ablation for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
      N. Coulombe, et al
    • Development of a Porcine Pulmonary Embolism Animal Model
      Brandon Phan, et al
    • TYRX Soft Tissue Mesh Incisional Repair
      M. Christie, et al
    • Elastase-Induced Aneurysm Rabbit Model Development and Imaging Techniques
      J. Packer, et al
    • Transpedicular Pulsed Field Ablation in a Swine Model
      Linnea Lentz, et al
  • 2019 Medtronic Science and Technology Conference:
    • Live Surgical Broadcast (hosted and managed)
      • Deep brain stimulation implant case
    • Development of a Porcine Model for Assessing Hematocrit from Measured Impedance
      Packer et al
    • Pharmacokinetics of Next Generation TYRXTM Envelope.
      Goodman et al
    • Next Generation TYRXTM Envelope: Antibacterial and Bleeding Control.
      Goodman et al
    • Prepectoral Breast Reconstruction Model Development for TYRX.
      Packer, K. Stark, et al
    • Novel Cryoballoon for Bronchial Ablation in Treatmement of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – In-vivo Feasibility. 
      N. Coulombe et al
    • Ultrasound Guided Cardiac Lead Implants
      Schmidt, J. Packer et al
    • Novel Cryoballoon Approach for Definitive Percutaneous Gallbladder Stone Treatment – In-vivo Feasibility. 
      N. Coulombe et al
    • Degree of Positive Impact of Operant Conditioning of Research Animals on Preclinical Urodynamic Study Data. 
      H. Arnott et al
    • Development of Canine Hematoma Pocket Model
      Packer et al
    • Novel Diabetes Treatment using Cryoballoon Duodenal Mucosal Resurfacing – In-vivo Feasibility
      Coulombe et al
  • 2018 Medtronic Science and Technology Conference:
    • Comparison of Doppler Ultrasound vs Catheter Derived Implanted Valve Pressure Gradients. 
      J. Packer et al
    • Sheep Model for Long Term Studies of Externalized or Tethered Medical Devices;
      Ramon et al
    • Development of Ovine Surgical Model to Measure Heat Dissipation from LVAD Hardware. 
      L. Ramon, J. Packer et al
    • Structured Experimental Data Pipeline for Quick and Robust Analyses: Concept Testing for Esophageal Sphincter Control Therapy; 
      Mueller et al
    • Early Concept Testing for Esophageal Sphincter Therapy: LES Pressures Related to Stimulation Parameters;
      Nelson et al

Dr. Kelvin Buchanan, Lt Col

Dr. Buchanan is a veterinarian with over 35 years of experience and is board-certified in Laboratory Animal Medicine. He served for 28 years in the US Army Veterinary Corp, 20 of those years in biomedical research. Dr. Buchanan has extensive experience with a variety of species in the research setting to include non-human primates, canines, rodents, rabbits, swine, sheep and goats. He is also proficient in the clinical care of laboratory animals, regulatory compliance, designing Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) studies, and developing and writing study protocols.


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